Goldendoodle Pups
Dogs available for Foster Homes
Willowlane's Mocha Swirl (aka Mocha)
DOB July 14, 2016

Mocha is a highly intelligent and loving puppy! She is very trainable and  loves to cuddle!
She is a purebred Brown Merle Moyen Poodle.
Willowlane's Lizzy 
DOB Jan 23, 2017
Lizzy is a Gorgeous Black and White Parti Doodle.
She is an F1b Standard sized Goldendoodle. She is very loving and playful!
DOB: August 28th 2016
Willowlane's Lady Bridget
Bridget is our Purebred Standard Poodle girl by Julie and Jasper. She is a Brown & White Parti.
She is highly intelligent and a big suck! She still has her silly puppy moments, but loves to cuddle and be by your side. Her coat is very soft and silky and she is a delight to handle and groom.
She has been socialized around adult dogs and puppies and children.
She would benefit from an active home that would utilize her intelligence and her zest for life!
Willowlane's Kit Kat
DOB Decenber 8, 2016
Kit is a Summer and Hobbes pup. She is a Purebred Standard Poodle who has remained more on the petite side. She is very inquisitive and smart! Silly and Playful with her furry buddies, but snuggly and devoted to her humans. She too is very easy to handle and groom. An active, loving home would be her heart's desire!
Willowlane Salutes You "Sally"
DOB Decenber 8, 2016
Sally is a Summer and Hobbes pup. She is a Purebred Standard Poodle who has remained more on the petite side. She is very inquisitive and smart! Like her sister, she can be silly and Playful with her furry buddies, but snuggly and devoted to her humans. She too is very easy to handle and groom. She likes the quiet a bit more than Kit so she would be fine in a slower paced home or an active one.
Willowlane's Trixie
DOB May 8th 2017
Trixie is an F1 Standard Goldendoodle by Reba and Darby. She is a gorgeous red and white Parti who will develope a lovely wavy coat. She is full of puppy spunk but is a good listener who is already exhibiting great intelligence. Very outgoing ans social, she loves playing with the kids!
Has Found A Foster Home!!!
The purpose of our Fostering program is to provide our breeding dogs a wonderful, devoted, loving family right from day one.

We do not believe in keeping a large number of dogs in our home for breeding. Only an amount that we can provide superior care for and the amount of attention and love they deserve. Golden Retrievers, Poodles and Doodles are devoted and social dogs and not only require, but thrive on human contact. This is why we have begun the Fostering Program. 

How the Foster Program Functions
The puppy, adolescent or young adult we place with you will only be in our breeding program if we feel he/she is deemed of breeding quality. We pay for any genetic or physical soundness testings required to deem the dog of breeding quality, for example hips, heart and elbow tests. Routine checkups and annual vaccinations, dental care, emergency visits to the vet, grooming and training and a nutritious, balanced diet  are the responsibility of the Foster family.

If in the case you foster from the time the dog is a young pup and the puppy isn't breeding quality you still have the opportunity to own the dog under the condition that you have the dog spayed/neutered and pay an agreed upon adoption fee..  

If the dog is of sound genetic health and deemed suitable to raise the next generation of Willow Lane puppies, then we have the right to breed the dog to a wonderful male/female of our choice. As mentioned above, this means that your family member/dog would have to leave you for a little while. However you and your family are welcome to come and visit during this time.

After the male/female dog has fulfilled the agreed upon commitment to the breeding program, we transfer full ownership of the dog into the Foster Family's name. 
In the case of the females, the commitment is 3 litters equaling 18 or more puppies,with the potential of a 4th litter. However this is determined only after careful assessment of the female's health and well being. We feel this is very fair as some programs require a commitment until the dog is 5 years old.  In the case of mini or petite dogs, the litter sizes are usually smaller in number and this is taken into consideration.

In the case of male dogs, we ask that we use the male until the he is 7 years of  age.

The Advantages:

The advantages for the male or female dog are great! We want to be able to raise quality family pets without impacting the parent animals' quality of life! This is where the Fostering Program is ideal! The male or female gets to grow up surrounded by your loving family, and only has to leave for small periods of time (and not very often). When he or she is done contributing to the next generation of quality puppies, that dog retires to the same loving home that she/he has always known.

We are very selective when choosing a Foster Family. The Foster Family must agree to all conditions listed in our contract to be able to be considered. We feel that these conditions benefit all parties, the dog, the Foster Family and us. The most important goal is that the dog is placed in a loving, caring and knowledgeable home where they will be part of a family.  
Please note that if chosen to be part of the Foster Program you will have 24/7 support. You can call us anytime with questions or concerns

Fostering is not a match for everyone but if you are interested please give us a call.

  All Foster Families must live within 2 hours of the farm.