Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our plans, so please call or email for updates on the pregnancy. Please note, we can only estimate the size of pups at maturity.
Goldendoodle Pups
Dutchess and Butler Mini Goldendoodles
Expected later this year
Dutchess, our petite Doodle (3/4 golden, 1/4 poodle) is an outgoing smart girl who welcomes everyone with loving enthusiasm!  Butler shares her enthusiasm for human contact and loves to be held and cuddled!
Their puppies should experience very little shedding and have wavy to loose curly coats. We estimate they will mature between 20-30 pounds. We expect gorgeous reds and golds with white accents.
Jazz and Merlin F1b.b Mini to Medium Goldendoodles!
Expected around October 5th, Ready for homes approx. Dec 1st
Jazz is a very gentle, quiet and loving Goldendoodle girl. She is approx 45 pounds. Merlin is our Brown Merle mini Poodle who is  25 pounds and a spunky littl egentleman with a zest for life!
Their pups could mature between 30-40 pounds. We expect they will produce an array of colours in their pups  from Creams to Golds, Browns, Brown merles and Blue Merles!
These pups should be every bit as social and outgoing as their parents!