Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our plans, so please call or email for updates on the pregnancy. Please note, we can only estimate the size of pups at maturity.
Goldendoodle Pups
Brooke & Jasper Aussiedoodles
Expected Around July 20th 2017
If you look up "happiness" in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Brooke! She just loves life and hugs! She is a Red Merle Mini Australian Shepherd with gorgeous blue eyes!

Jasper is our Black & Tan (Phantom) Standard Poodle. He is a playful loving fellow who is also very intelligent! He has acquired Championship titles in the show ring including conformation, obeidience and is headed towards his Rally title!

Their pups should finish around 45-50 pounds with gorgeous wavy coats. Their previous litter produced some beautiful tri coloured pups, and merles! Some of the pups could have Brooke's ice blue eyes!
Dutchess and Butler Mini Goldendoodles
Expected June 9th, Rady approx Aug 7th
Dutchess, our petite Doodle (3/4 golden, 1/4 poodle) is an outgoing smart girl who welcomes everyone with loving enthusiasm!  Butler shares her enthusiasm for human contact and loves to be held and cuddled!
Their puppies should experience very little shedding and have wavy to loose curly coats. We estimate they will mature between 20-30 pounds. We expect gorgeous reds and golds with white accents.
This litter's reservation list is now FULL.
Pumpkin and Indy F1b Goldendoodles
Expected June 1st

Summer and Darby F1 Standard Goldendodles
Expected June 1st, Ready for homes Approx. July 29th
Both Summer and Darby are extremely intelligent, warm loving souls. Their previous pups exhibited their calm gentle yet playful dispositions as well as gorgeous coats and colour.
These pups should mature 55-65 pounds with wavy coats. There should be dark red pups with white accents as well as the chance of Parti (50/50 Red and White) pups like Summer.
Reservation list is now open
Willow and Darby F1 Standard Goldendoodles
Expected June 9th, Ready to go home approx Aug 7th
Willow and Darby are both very sociable, warm loving dogs! Willow is always at our sides and Darby will always reach out a paw as we pass and draw us in for a hug!
Pictured here are two of their previous pups. Their expected pups should exhibit may of the same features, nice red colour with white accents, and gorgeous wavy coats. They should mature between 55-60 pounds.
Reservation list now closed
Pumpkin is the perfect example of what we strive for in a Goldendoodle!
She adores kids, and has a playful yet gentle loving nature. She is intelligent and obedient! She took first place in the local kid's dog show for being so quiet, attentive and obdient...she even completed the obstacle course! Indy is intelligent, loving and has a wonderful zest for life!  THese two adoring dogs will produce puppies that could be dark gold, to reds, black and Black and Tan (Phantom) colours. Puppies are expected to mature to a medium height and could be between 55-65 pounds.
Reservation list is now open
Reservation list is now open