Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our plans, so please call or email for updates on the pregnancy. Please note, we can only estimate the size of pups at maturity.
Goldendoodle Pups
Maggie and Finnigan F1 Standard Goldendoodles
Due around March 22, Ready for homes approx. May 22nd.
Maggie is one of our CKC registered "American or field style" red Retrievers. She is a very active girl with a passionate devotion for children, seeking, fetching sticks, and especially the lake! She loves to retrieve the decoy and has no fear of target practice with the fire arms. She could go all day or happily curl up on the couch with the kids!  She is highly intelligent and a solid 70ish pounds of muscle! Finnigan is our calm, quiet but deeply affectionate Red with White Registered Standard Poodle. He is a hugger and loves to lock eyes as he cuddles. This is Maggie's first litter, but Finnigan's previous pups are noted to be very trainable, outgoing and super affectionate! He has even sired a Service dog. We expect pups in shades of dark gold to red and the possibility of white markings. They should have wavy coats and mature to be large dogs weighing 60 or more pounds.

Pregnancy to be confirmed via ultrasound in late February.
Morgan & Bud's F1 Standard Goldendoodles
Due around March 22, Ready for homes approx. May 22nd.
Morgan is a full sister to Maggie seen above. She shares her sister's passions as well! She too is a large dog with a huge heart!
Bud is a medium (Moyen) sized Poodle with a gorgeous dark red coat. He is very social and enjoys trips to town to tour pet friendly stores.
We estimate that their pups should be 50-55 pounds when mature. They will have lovely wavy coats in shades of dark gold to red.

Pregnancy Confirmed
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Regan & Colt's F1b Mini-Med Goldendoodles
Due around March 20, Ready for homes approx. May 20th.
Regan is our beautiful, gentle soul! She is an F1 Goldendoodle who is about 40 pounds and 21" tall at the shoulder. She is a lovely red and white Parti colour with a soft wavy coat. She enjoys walks and is playful, but very gentle and cuddly!
Colt is our rare Tan Pointed Blue Merle mini Poodle. He breaks every stereotype surrounding little dogs. He is a gentleman who is very well behaved, not yappy or hyper, and he loves children. His offspring are very social and clever! He is about 15 pounds and approximately 14.5" at the shoulder.

This is Regan's first litter, but we expect their pups to between 25 and 35 pounds, though sometimes there are pups that are at either ends of the size spectrum. We can expect coat colours of gold to red with fancy white markings, black with fancy white, and Blue Merles with fancy white markings. The coat types should be wavy to curly and experience very minimal shedding.
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Pregnancy Confirmed
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Pregnancy Confirmed
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Multi-gen Doodle
Kasey and Angus, Medium Multigen Doodles
Due around April 2nd, Ready for homes around June 2nd
Kasey is a spunky, lovable girl who is so entertaining! She is athletic and active but super intelligent and very subdued when asked. She is a tan pointed brown who has silvered...very pretty!
Angus is our brown Merle "Casanova". He loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him! He is the ultimate hugger! A number of his previous pups and grand-pups have become service and therapy animals because of their intelligence and intuition.
Together these two should produce pups that are expected to mature around 45-50 pounds with tighter wavy to curly coats that will be very minimal to almost non-shedding. We expect colours of brown, brown Merle and possibly some tan pointed pups.
Pregnancy Confirmed
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