Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our plans, so please call or email for updates on the pregnancy. Please note, we can only estimate the size of pups at maturity.
Goldendoodle Pups
Abbey & Buddy Standard Goldendoodles 
Due around July 22nd, Ready  approx. Sept 22nd.
Abbey is a very quiet, gentle and loving Goldendoodle. She looks like, and has the coat type of an F1 Doodle but she is actually 3/4 Golden Retriever and 1/4 Poodle.! She is a very solid girl weighing 65+ pounds....all the more to love!
Buddy is our medium stature red Poodle. He is an extremely happy soul who loves hugs and being active. He is very people oriented and loves to be in the middle of what ever you are doing!. He is approximately 40 pounds.

We estimate their pups will mature to a medium stature but will likely weigh 55-60+ pounds. They will have lovely lush coats ranging from wavy to tight wave to curly. We expect shades of dark reddish gold to red, maybe even some white accents.

Pregnancy confirmed by Ultrasound !
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Ruby & Bud's F2b Goldendoodles 
Due around August 11th, Ready approx. Oct 11th.
Ruby is our gorgeous Mahogany Red F2 Doodle. As can happen in an F2 litter, Ruby obtained a glorious abundance of the Retriever genes! Mother Nature does not always follow the laws of math and probability! This suits us just fine because we have our beautiful Ruby! She is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. She has a very gentle and kind, quiet, intelligent nature and has passed this on to her previous pups. 

Bud is a very bubbly, happy dog who likes to be in the middle of every social circle! He will make friends with anyone! He is a Red Standard Poodle who is more a medium size and weight. His previous pups are noted for their outgoing natures and their clever minds.

Their pups are expected to mature to a medium height and average weight of 50-55 pounds.
They will produce dark gold to red and maybe even Mahogany red pups with white accents. We expect wavy coats.
Pregnancy to be confirmed by ultrasound by July 16th