Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our plans, so please call or email for updates on the pregnancy. Please note, we can only estimate the size of pups at maturity.
Goldendoodle Pups
Fancy and Butler's Tiny/Mini Goldendoodles
Expected around July 22, Ready around Sept 22
Fancy is our F1b Mini Goldendoodle. She is a Blue Merle colour. She is highly intelligent and obedient and has been shown by 9 year old Grandson Jacob at the local dog show! She is a very loving dog with an ever happy, bouncy personality and she is a lighting fast learner. She is about 30 pounds and stands 18" at the shoulder
Butler is our our lovely little Poodle who is a hilarious and joyful dog who loves everyone! He is about 10 pounds and stands 12" at the shoulder.

Their pups will have extreme low shed or non shedding coats and mature between 20-25 pounds and 14-16" at the shoulder. We expect some fantastic colours including Blue Merle, and Glossy Black as well as the possibility of gold to red.

Reservation list is closed until we know how many pups we have!
Cora & Angus Medium Multigen Goldendoodles
Expected around July 28th, Ready around Sept. 28th
Cora is our medium sized F1 Goldendoodle. She is approx 20" at the shoulder and weighs about 45 pounds. Cora is a delightfully playful, kind and loving dog with intelligence and a gentle soul. She is a Black Phantom colour.
Angus is a medium sized F1b Goldendoodle who is about 21" at the shoulder and 50 pounds. He too is a playful dog who is very outgoing and social, crazy smart and loves to gives hugs. He is a Brown Merle colour. Some of Angus' kids and grand-kids have become therapy or service dogs!

This is Cora's first litter, but we estimate that the pups will mature to be around the same size as their parents, a nice medium sized dog at approximately 21" tall and 50 pounds. We should get some gold/red pups, some Blue Merles, Blacks and possibly some Phantoms or Merled Phantoms!! The pups coats should range between wavy to tighter wave with the odd curly coat.
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Bridgette and Darby F1 Standard Goldendoodles
Expected around August 3rd, Ready for homes around Oct. 3rd
Both Bridgette and Darby come from very healthy long lived lines! Bridgette is a smart, social dog who is very regal yet has her goofy moments! Her Father is our Jasper, a 3x Champion Poodle!
Darby is our "Main Man" and is still siring pups because of his superb health, personality and intelligence! He is lightning smart but an absolute gentleman. He passes these qualities on to his kids and is our most popular sire because of this.
Bridgette is a tall lanky poodle with a fair amount of bone density. Darby is a shorter but very stocky boy with heavy bone. Their pups will be large dogs, I estimate they would mature in excess of 65 pounds.
Based on genetic probability, we expect brown pups with white markings, possibly brown Parti colour like mom, some black pups with white markings or Black Parti, and possibly red pups with markings or Red Parti.
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Bernie and Finnigan F1b Standard Goldendoodles
Expected around Sept. 12th, Ready around Nov 7th
For Bernie's last litter before retirement, we have decided to pair her will our darling gentleman Finnigan. Both are very social dogs with laid back temperaments. Finnigan is more of a casual observer and Bernie likes to be the center of attention! Their pups will be shades of red with fancy white accents, and we can expect the possibility of a red and white Parti pup! These pups will exhibit a range of coat types from loose wave to curly. They will probably mature around 24" at the shoulder and weigh approx. 60-65 pounds.
Now taking deposits on this litter!