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Goldendoodle Pups
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Tiffany and Indy F1 medium sized Aussiedoodles
Born Nov 10th ready after Jan 10th
Another litter of Aussiedoodles for Tiffany and Indy! We get such glowing reports about the intelligence, trainability and loving natures of all of their puppies! All puppies will be "Phantom" exhibiting the black and tan markings with varying degress of white accents. They should be of medium height (approx 20-21") at the shoulder and around 45-50 pounds when mature. 
These are fantastics dogs with the popular "look" of the Bernadoodle, but half the size and a much longer, healthier life expectancy!

Puppies from this litter priced at $2500 @ 8 weeks of age
Well started (puppy training), "Breeders Choice" of litter @ 6 months of age- TBD
Some Spots still available on this litter!
Meet Moose! 

Moose is a Livi and Roscoe pup born Nov 5th. He is a Standard sized Sporting-doodle who is expected to finish around 55 pounds. He is the second of our pups to be offered for sale as a "trained puppy". He sleeps through the night, is crate trained and well on his way to being house trained. He walks nicely on leash and is working on basic commands. He adores children and couch time and he is an old soul. He is socialized daily with other dogs and cats. He is very playful but is a good listener. He is a very active, intelligent and gentle pup.
Moose is up to date on vaccinations and wormings and is microchipped. He will come with our two year health Guarantee.

His current adoption price is $4500 but this will go up with continued training.
Cindy and Merlin's Mini Aussiedoodles!
Born Jan 14th, ready approx March 14th
Cindy and Merlin welcomed 7 puppies!
Cindy is a mellow couch potato with brains, and Merlin is a loving gentleman! Their pups should combine these fantastic qualities in a low shedding, smaller, adorable package! We expect the pups to mature to between 30-40 pounds and approx 19-20" at the shoulder. 
Priced at $2500
1 Brown
1 Brown Merle with tan points
1 brown Merle
1 Blue Merle
1 Silvered Brown Merle
1 Brown 
1 Brown with tan points and white ( tri colour)

Riley and Merlin's Mini Aussidoodles
Born Jan 22nd, Ready Approx, March 20th
Riley is a very intelligent, active yet mellow girl like her sister Cindy., and Merlin is a loving gentleman! Their pups should combine these fantastic qualities in a low shedding, smaller, adorable package! We expect the pups to mature to between 30-40 pounds and approx 19-20" at the shoulder.
Priced at $2500

2 brown Merle

1 Brown Merle
2 Brown Tris (Brown and Tan with white)
1 Brown Sable
1 Solid Brown with white on his chest
1 Solid Brown
Bernie and Rugby F2 Standard Goldendoodles!
Born Feb. 7th Ready approx. April 6th
This is the last litter for this famous duo! Bernie and Rugby have produced some of the most gorgeous, intelligent and loving puppies! All of their pups have been vibrant shades of Red-Gold to Mahogany Red! They exhibit flashy white accents. The pups will follow in the happy-go-lucky foot steps of their parents, with mellow, loyal personalities, and quick intelligence.
Because this is an F2 litter some pups will have flatter, more retriever like coats...some will have wavy coats like mom and dad, and some will have curly coats! Aren't genetics fascinating? Despite the flat coat, we have found they still shed less than a retriever.There is lots of interest in this litter so give us a call!!
Priced at $2500
6 Gorgeous Girls!
6 Handsome Boys!
Some pictures of their previous pups to illustrate the interesting difference in coat types
March  Madness!! 

Starting March 9th, the following puppies will be offered for a reduced price! They are healthy, happy and very smart pups! They are 4 months old and  and maturing very nicely! They are fully vaccinated and Micro-chipped.
goldendoodle aussiedoodle puppies
Medium Sized Aussiedoodle puppies
goldendoodle aussiedoodle puppies
goldendoodle aussiedoodle puppies
Boy with a bob tail
Boy with a full tail
Girl with a bob tail
goldendoodle aussiedoodle puppies
Standard Sized Sporting Doodle boy
He is progressing VERY well!