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VERY Important!!!  If you are planning to visit our dogs/puppies, it is imperative that you DO NOT visit any other kennel, breeder, vet's office, humane society, shelter, rescue, dog park etc...at least 14 days prior to visiting our farm. Sadly there are many communicable diseases, bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted between "facilities" and we need to do what we can to make sure our canine family is safe and healthy! Please DO NOT wear the same clothes or foot wear unless it has been thoroughly washed/sterilized.
Our pups do not receive visitors before 4 weeks of age.

Please note, almost all visits to choose your puppy or visit your puppy or to visit the farm in general will be held exclusively on weekdays. Please be prepared to make appropriate arrangements.
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Fancy & Butler's Tiny/Mini Goldendoodles
Born July 15th Ready approx Sept.10th
Fancy and Butler had 9 tiny precious puppies! These pups are expected to mature between 15-20 pounds and stand approx 14- 16" at the shoulder. This is her first litter so these are educated estimates. Their coats will be extremely low to non shedding. Both Fancy and Butler are warm, loving dogs who are very people oriented! 
We got a lovely array of colours including Creamy Gold, Dark Gold, Glossy Black and Blue Merle! Many of the pups have little white accents.

Puppies are priced @ $2500 on a strict spay/neuter contract

This litter is SOLD!
Cora and Angus Medium to Standard Goldendoodles.
Born July 21st, Ready approximately Sept 17th
Cora had 10 healthy, vigorous and strong puppies! 4 Girls and 6 Boys. We were expecting some Merles, but after talking to our genetic specialty vet we can confirm our suspicions...the high number of Gold pups reduced the odds of visibly Merle pups. However, there are 7 gorgeous pups in shades of gold to dark reddish gold and 3 black pups. Many of the pups have fancy white accents!
We can already see a range in coat types ranging from wavy to more curly. They should mature between 45-50 pounds and stand approx 19-22" at the shoulder. This is an educated estimation as it is Cora's first litter.

Puppies priced @ $2500 on a strict spay/neuter contract
Many of the pups have fancy white markings!
This litter is SOLD!
Bridgette & Darby F1 Standard Goldendoodles
Born July 27th, Ready Sept 21st
Both Bridgette and Darby come from very healthy long lived lines! Bridgette is a smart, social dog who is very regal yet has her goofy moments! Her Father is our Jasper, a 3x Champion Poodle!
Darby is our "Main Man" and is still siring pups because of his superb health, personality and intelligence! He is lightning smart but an absolute gentleman. He passes these qualities on to his kids and is our most popular sire because of this.
Bridgette is a tall lanky poodle with a fair amount of bone density. Darby is a shorter but very stocky boy with heavy bone. Their pups will be large dogs, I estimate they would mature in excess of 65 pounds.
We were blessed with 10 boys and 2 girls!
We got reddish gold to gold pups, Brown Parti pups, a black Parti pup and 3 apricot Parti pups. The apricot Partis look pure white to begin with but the patches of apricot deepen in colour as they mature .

Puppies priced at $2500 with a strict spay/neuter contract
Only 2 Pups still available in this litter!