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Goldendoodle Pups
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Brooke & Indy Mini/Med Aussidoodles!
Born April 5th Ready approx. June 5th
Sally and Finnigan's Standard Poodles
Born Feb 20th Ready around April 20th

Sally and Finnigan are our CKC registered Standard Poodles. Both are very gentle loving souls! One of Finnigan's daughters is currently being trained as a service dog by the Lions Foundation! These pups should be as intelligent, gentle and trainable as both parents. Sally is 23" tall and approx 50 pounds, Finnegan is 25" tall and about 55 pounds.
These gorgeous pups will be offered as pets with or without CKC registration. 
Full CKC breeding rights may be negotiated on an individual basis. All pups are "bb" at the B loci, and all could potentially carry an "at" allele at the "A" loci.

$2500 at 8 weeks of age as pets on a spay/neuter contract
5 Handsome Boys!
4 Gorgeous Girls!
Brooke is our Mini Australian Shepherd. She is a brown Tri Merle colour and she has breathtaking blue eyes! She is a very loving dog with an ever happy, bouncy personality.
Indy is our Moyen Black Phantom Poodle
Their pups will have low-shed wavy coats and mature between 35-45 pounds and 18-20" at the shoulder. They produced some fantastic colours!
All the pups have mom and dad's tan points, and varying degrees of white accents. Some of the pups got the Merle gene and are GORGEOUS Blue Merles! ALL have natural tails, we do not dock tails. They may get mom's blue eyes.
Prices starting at $2500 

2 Blue Merle Tris (Blue Merle and Tan points with white markings)

2 Black Tris (Black and Tan Points with White markings
3 Blue Merle Tris (Blue Merle and Tan points with white markings)

2 Black Tris (Black and Tan Points with White markings
VERY Important!!!  If you are planning to visit our dogs/puppies, it is imperative that you DO NOT visit any other kennel, breeder, vet's office, humane society, shelter, rescue, dog park etc...at least 14 days prior to visiting our farm. Sadly there are many communicable diseases, bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted between "facilities" and we need to do what we can to make sure our canine family is safe and healthy! Please DO NOT wear the same clothes or foot wear unless it has been thoroughly washed/sterilized.
Our pups do not receive visitors before 4 weeks of age.

Please note, almost all visits to choose your puppy or visit your puppy or to visit the farm in general will be held exclusively on weekdays. Please be prepared to make appropriate arrangements.
Puppies in Training!

Callie and Ted are two of our Mini Aussidoodles from the Cindy and Merlin litter, born January 14th. They are expected to finish around 30-35 pounds. Callie is a brown sable Merle and Ted is a silver beige...both very unique colours!
They are crate trained and have begun basic obedience. They are up to date on Vaccinations.
They are currently priced at $2700, but the price will go up with continued training
Callie -SOLD
Meet "Luca" a 10 month old spayed female from Willow and Darby.
She is fully crate trained and house trained and up to date on vaccinations. She has a wonderful loving personality and is so happy to spend time with you and other dogs. She has been well socialized with other dogs and young children. She is continuing her leash and obedience training as she is very exuberant and is working hard to refine her manners.
She is a much deeper red colour than the pictures shows.
Luca is a Standard sized F1 Goldendoodle who will mature at about 65 pounds and 23-24 " tall.

We should have a video demonstrating her knowledge coming soon.

This Litter is all SOLD
Rita & Finnigan F1b Standard Goldendoodles
Born May 9th, Ready around July 10th

Rita is a gorgeous F1 Goldendoodle with a red coat and flashy white accents! She is such a sweet tempered dog who loves her human children and playing with other dogs. She has such a positive, happy attitude everyday!
Finnigan is our stunning red with white (parti factored) Standard Poodle. He is a very gentle old soul who loves cuddling or romping through the fields. His previous pups are highly intelligent...his daughter is now being trained by Dog Guides Ontario to be a service dog!
Their pups will have wavy to curly coats that experience very low shedding. They will likely mature to approx 23" at the shoulder and weigh 60 pounds on average. We welcomed 9 puppies in shades of red with white accents and even one full "Parti " coloured boy.
5 Girls
4 Boys
All of the pups have extensive, gorgeous white markings...and several are full tuxedos!!
Mocha and Rugby F1b Medium Goldendoodles
Born May 2rd, Ready around July 4th
Mocha is our Moyen Poodle who is a gorgeous Brown Merle. She is a very laid back and intelligent girl who loves to cuddle. She is quick to learn and loves kids!
Rugby is our "Cool Dood". He is a very lovable guy who has a very chill personality.
Their pups will have very low shed coats that are tighter wavy to curly. We estimate the pups will mature around 45-50 pounds but of shorter stature ...19-20" at the shoulder approximately. 

2 chocolate brown girls
2  brown Merle boys
2  chocolate brown  boys
Pippa and Butler Mini F2b Goldendoodles
Born May 10th, 
Ready around July 10th

Pippa is a stunning F2 Goldendoodle. She obviously lends to the Golden Retriever genetics but with striking white markings in a smaller package.
Butler is our lovely little poodle who is an absolute joy and brings happiness to all he meets!
Their pups should have lovely wavy coats in shades of rich red with white accents, maybe even some Parti pups! We expect them to mature between 30-35 pounds and be approx 17-18" at the shoulder.
Pippa had only 2 pups. Both are lovely red-gold girls with wavy to curly coats and pretty white accents including white bibs.
2 Girls
Pumpkin and Indy F1b Standard Goldendoodles
Born May 10th, Ready around July 12th
Pumpkin and Indy had 11 pups!! We get such fantastic feedback on how social, intelligent and loving their previous puppies are.
Pumpkin is our F1 Goldendoodle with a fabulous and unusual Red Sable coat. She is pictured above with Grandson Jacob where they captured 1st place in their class at the local dog show! She is sooooo good with kids! She was clipped like a Lion that day, but has a long wavy coat.
Indy is our Moyen Poodle who is just so happy and outgoing everyday! If you are having a bad day, 5 minutes with Indy can make all the difference! He has a curly coat with Black and Tan "Phantom" markings.
Their pups mature between 50-60 pounds.  Priced at $2500

Girls- 2 Black & Tan (Phantom) and 1 Dark Gold
Girls- 6 Gorgeous and unique Red Sables!
Boys- 1 Black and Tan (Phantom), 1 Red Sable
Currently, SOLD OUT
Both are SOLD
Currently, SOLD OUT
Some spots left on this litter!!!