Our Available Puppies
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 your $250 non-refundable deposit in order to reserve and purchase 
one of our puppies.
Goldendoodle Pups
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VERY Important!!!  If you are planning to visit our dogs/puppies, it is imperative that you DO NOT visit any other kennel, breeder, vet's office, humane society, shelter, rescue, dog park etc...at least 14 days prior to visiting our farm. Sadly there are many communicable diseases, bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted between "facilities" and we need to do what we can to make sure our canine family is safe and healthy! Please DO NOT wear the same clothes or foot wear unless it has been thoroughly washed/sterilized.
Our pups do not receive visitors before 4 weeks of age.

Please note, almost all visits to choose your puppy or visit your puppy or to visit the farm in general will be held exclusively on weekdays. Please be prepared to make appropriate arrangements.
Two lovely medium sized Aussiedoodle pups by Brooke and Indy, born Jan. 6.
Their previous siblings are noted for their lightning smart intelligence, train-ability and super sized personalities.These pups should mature around 35-40 pounds and have a lower shedding wavy coat. They are current on vaccinations and wormings, and they are litter trained!

Bridgette and Darby F1 Standard sized Doodles.
Born Jan 30th, ready to go home approx April 1st
This is the second litter for this Dynamic Duo!
 Bridgette is our lovely brown and white Parti coloured Standard poodle, and Darby is our Mahogany Retriever with unique white accents.
Their previous pups are revered for their high level of intelligence, loyal and loving natures, and outgoing personalities! 
We welcomed Solid coloured pups with white accents and Parti coloured pups in the following colours: dark caramel, apricot, brown and black...4 boys and 6 girls!
Currently 4 spots available on this litter
Please note: we will not know which exact pups are available until after folks with current deposits select their puppies sometime around March 6th.
Aussiedoodle Blue Merle
Tipper & Quigley Multigen Doodles
Born Jan. 18th Ready around March 20th
Tipper  and Quigley had 7 gorgeous pups! Tipper is my daughter Maureen's  Standard sized Phantom Poodle. She is extremely intelligent and loyal. She loves to be active with her human kids and go camping. She has a silly side that is hilarious and entertaining. Quigley is one of Willow Lane's young stud dogs. Quigley is the son of our Lilly and Merlin. He too is highly intelligent, and very loving. He is a very quiet, stoic dog who loves to cuddle.
These pups are expected to be of medium size, approximately 35-40 pounds. They should have tight wave to curly coats and experience little to no shedding.
The pups are Black and Tan and Blue Merle with tan.

Please contact Maureen directly to inquire about these pups...705-308-9947 or email maureenf5@hotmail.com

Aussidoodle Puppies
Aussidoodle Puppies
Boy, Chip # 490
Boy, Chip # 491
March Break Madness!
These two guys are so social, outgoing and clever that they would be a fantastic addition to a family over March Break! Their siblings that have already found homes are doing very well and are complimented on their intelligence and easy going natures!
If you would like to add to your family this March, then please call to find out the special reduced price for these guys before they go into puppy training.