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Goldendoodle Pups
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VERY Important!!!  If you are planning to visit our dogs/puppies, it is imperative that you DO NOT visit any other kennel, breeder, vet's office, humane society, shelter, rescue, dog park etc...at least 14 days prior to visiting our farm. Sadly there are many communicable diseases, bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted between "facilities" and we need to do what we can to make sure our canine family is safe and healthy! Please DO NOT wear the same clothes or foot wear unless it has been thoroughly washed/sterilized.
Our pups do not receive visitors before 4 weeks of age.

Please note, almost all visits to choose your puppy or visit your puppy or to visit the farm in general will be held exclusively on weekdays. Please be prepared to make appropriate arrangements.
Ruby and Darby's Mahogany Red and White Retrievers
Born Dec 18th. Ready for homes approx. Feb. 18th
We are so excited to introduce Willow Lane Farm's Red and White Retrievers! To the best of our knowledge we are the ONLY breeder in North America, maybe even the world, focusing on creating a Mahogany red with white retriever line! They embody everything our dogs are known for! Beauty, intelligence, loyalty and steady, loving temperaments. From a long line of health tested ancestors, these dogs should provide years of love and service. These pups should mature a medium height but weigh 50-60 pounds because of their lovely bone density. Only a select few of these pups will be offered for sale as we intend to keep a number to further the creation of these unique lines. Please call for more information.
Pictures coming soon!!

1. Elsa and Rugby's Multigen Standard Goldendoodles in cream, dark gold and red! Some may have blue eyes! They will have wavy to curly coats.

2. Brooke and Indy's mini to med sized Aussiedoodles. Colours include Black tri and Blue Merle tri colous. Some may have blue eyes! They will have wavy coats.

Elsa and Rugby Multigen Standard Goldendoodles
Ready in early Ready March
Elsa is a happy go lucky Multigenerational Goldendoodle with very unique and rare blue eyes! She is very intelligent and social.
Rugby is our F1 Goldendoodle with a gorgeous wavy red coat. He is a very gentle loving soul. Their previous pups have been highly intelligent, trainable, loyal and loving.
They are shades of cream to dark gold to red. Some of the pups should have blue eyes!
6 Boys and 6 Girls
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Brooke & Indy F1 Mini/Med Aussiedoodles
Ready in early March
Brooke is our super funny and lovable Mini Australian Shepherd. She loves couch time and kids! She is a gorgeous Merle with vivid Blue eyes. She weighs about 35 pounds.
Indy is our Moyen sized Black and Tan (Phantom) Poodle. He is a real ham and wants to meet and greet everyone who comes to the farm. He is very gentle and loves to hug.
Their previous pups together are noted for their lightning smart intelligence, trainability and super sized personalities.
These pups should mature around 35-40 pounds.
Brooke had 1 girl and 6 boys in Tan Pointed Blue Merles and Tan pointed blacks. Most have white accents. Some of the pups could have blue eyes like Brooke! They will have loose wavy coats.
More pictures coming soon!
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One of the boys!
One of the girls!