Our Available Puppies
Please note that your full contact info must accompany 
 your $250 non-refundable deposit in order to reserve and purchase 
one of our puppies.
Goldendoodle Pups
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VERY Important!!!  If you are planning to visit our dogs/puppies, it is imperative that you DO NOT visit any other kennel, breeder, vet's office, humane society, shelter, rescue, dog park etc...at least 14 days prior to visiting our farm. Sadly there are many communicable diseases, bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted between "facilities" and we need to do what we can to make sure our canine family is safe and healthy! Please DO NOT wear the same clothes or foot wear unless it has been thoroughly washed/sterilized.
Our pups do not receive visitors before 4 weeks of age.

Please note, almost all visits to choose your puppy or visit your puppy or to visit the farm in general will be held exclusively on weekdays. Please be prepared to make appropriate arrangements.
ONLY 1 puppy left !!!
All of our puppies have gone to their new homes! Please have a look at our "Planned Litters" page to see what puppies are expected in the near future!