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Goldendoodle Pups
Elsa is an F1b Goldendoodle puppy by Sapphire and Angus. She is Medium sized at approx. 50pounds and 22" at the shoulder. She is a very "happy go lucky" pup and her stunning blue eyes turn heads every where she goes!
Watch for her pups in 2016!
Bernie is lovely F1 red and white Goldendoodle by Cassie and Rowdy. She is always happy and so willing to please. Her temperment is just outstanding!
Willow Lane's "All That Jazz"
Jazz is an F1b Goldendoodle by Cheeky and Rugby. She is a real fun loving pup that will make a wonderful mother in the future.
Willow Lane's "Farrah"
Farrah is a F1 Merle coloured mini Goldendoodle by Molly and Sonic. She is a friend to all and full of life! She is only 18" at the shoulder and weighs approx. 25 lbs.
She produces loving & highly intelligent pups.
Livi is a Black and Tan (Phantom) CKC Registered Standard Poodle.
She is a delightfully happy dog with an outgoing attitude and lots of brains! She loves to give hugs. She is approx 23" at the shoulder and 50 pounds.
Willow Lane's "Olivia Dale" aka Livi
Dutchess is a littermate sister to Daisy. She is petite and will mature at approx. 40 lbs. We call her our miniature Golden Retriever!
Willow Lane's "Dutchess"
Willow Lane's "Maple"
Maple is our Loyal and loving Golden Retriver friend. She is always content to go wherever her human family goes. Her pups have been described as "To die for"!!!
Willow Lane's "Blossom"
Willow Lane's "Pumpkin"
Pumkin is the perfect example of what we strive for in a Goldendoodle!
She adores kids, and has a playful yet gentle loving nature. She is intelligent and obedient! She took first place in the local kid's dog show for being so quiet, attentive and obdient...she even completed the obstacle course!
Willow Lane's "Dazzling Cinderella"
"Cindy"is such a fun girl but laid back and quiet when you need/ask her to be. We hope that Cindy will give us puppies with the popular "Bernadoodle" appearance. However her pups would be smaller and would have almost twice the HEALTHY life expectancy which is such an important factor when welcoming a furry family member.
Brooke is a beautiful blue eyed red merle miniature Aussie. She is the most Loyal and loving friend you could ask for. She is SO smart and attentive. she stands about 18" at the shoulder and weighs approx 35 lbs. The genetics that give her her gorgeous coat colour will help to produce pups with the 'LOOK' of the popular Bernadoodle, but with the potenial of a longer, healthier lifespan.
Mocha is a Daughter of Merlin. She shares her father's gorgeous brown merle coat and loving enthusiasm! She is a Moyen Poodle and will mature to a medium height and weigh approx. 25-30 pounds. We might expect pups from her in late 2017.
A sister to  Maple, Blossom is a very big sturdy built girl at about 95 pounds. She is a gentle giant. so laid back and loving!
She has been the proud mother to some very outstanding puppies! They tend to love the water and have good "bird instincts" and show great intelligence.
Now Retired
Now Retired
Ruby is our gorgeous Mahogany Red F2 Goldendoodle by Bernie and Rugby. She lended more towards the Retriever genetics, but we are more than happy with that! We are excited to see her puppies in 2018!!
mini Goldendoodle puppies
Willowlane's Lilly
Lilly is the foundation of our Australian Goldendoodles! She is the daughter of  Rugby (Goldendoodle) and Tiffany (Australian Shepherd).
Crossed back to a Poodle, her pups will be the perfect combination of intelligence and loyalty with a calm loving disposition! Lilly is a medium sized dog and weighs approx 35-40 pounds.
Willowlane's Cora
Cora is an F1 Medium sized Goldendoodle. She is such a calm loving soul with a playful side who loves her human children and going to the office with her Foster Mom. She has a gorgeous wavy coat with with the lovely black and tan "Phantom" markings
Willowlane's Fancy
Fancy is an F1b Mini Goldendoodle. She is a very smart, warm and loving dog. She  is a very good listener and was perfect for her 10 year old human handler at the Children's dog show! She has a curly non shedding coat in a gorgeous Blue Merle colour pattern. She is about 18" at the shoulder and weighs approximately 30 pounds.