Trained Goldendoodle puppies
trained aussiedoodle puppies.
Belle's Goldendoodle Pup
   Cocoa's Brown & White Parti Doodle

Well I've had Chelsea almost a year now and she's just turned into the most perfect dog. She is loved by everyone she meets and people constantly stop me on the street to ask about the breed and where they can get a dog like her! She's also got the most loving, wonderful personality of any dog I've ever met!.....although I could be a bit biased! :-)

            Brandy & Chief Brindle Puppy                                    

      A Maddie Puppy & Chief Puppy                                      

    " We go for really long walks in the morning with my son, Evan.

The two of them are best buds! I can't take one of them out of the house without the other!

   I really can't tell you how much we love him and how much he makes us laugh all the time!"                                  

A Maddie Puppy

 I thought you might like to see some recent pictures of one of your doodles. She is truly a wonderful dog! 
We have taken her camping several times this summer at a very busy provincial park. She is remarkably well behaved. She attracts so much attention on our walks that I have started to say that you don’t walk Scarlet you parade her. Many people ask about what breed she is but for others it is simply love at first sight! She is very friendly and LOVES the attention.

 Maddie's Doodle
 Gracie X Darby Puppy

"Hi Maryann,

I've been meaning to send you an email and picture of Boomer, our Darby and Gracie boy.
He has been such a great pup and a real joyous addition to our family. Not to mention my best hiking buddy.    - Hope you are well."

A Gracie X Darby Boy
                   A full brother to our Josie!                                        

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Goldendoodle Pups
Annie's Brown Doodle Puppy 
A Maddie Puppy
A Scarlet, Darby puppy
"Rugby" F1 Red Doodle
Red and White Parti Doodle
Maggie's Doodle Puppies!
A Blossom and Rugby Pup- 
3/4 Golden Retriever and 1/4 Poodle.

At 9 months of age this pup is already flushing and retrieving birds!
What a great example of Doodles' versatility.
An Abby & Darby Pup
AnotherAbby and Darby pup.
An Angel X Rugby Pup. What a gorgeous F1b Doodle!!
aussiedoodle bernadoodle goldendoodle
An F2 Goldendoodle, Bernie x Rugby pup from 2016
aussiedoodle bernadoodle goldendoodle
"Piper" a Tiffany x Indy Aussidoodle!
aussiedoodle bernadoodle goldendoodle
A 2016 Maple x Buckley Puppy (F1 Goldendoodle) , now living with 2x Gold Medal Olympian Catriona LeMay Doan
aussiedoodle bernadoodle goldendoodle
" Moses" a 2016 F1 Goldendoodle, Black Phantom coloured pup by Blossom and Jasper.
" Cora" a 2016 F1 Goldendoodle, Black Phantom coloured pup by Ivy and Indy.
aussiedoodle bernadoodle goldendoodle
aussiedoodle bernadoodle goldendoodle
A 2016 F1 Goldendoodle pup from Willow and Darby. Such a pretty girl!
A 2016 F1 Aussiedoodle pup from Tiffany and Indy. 
She is a "Black Tri" Colour.
"Willow"- An Elsa x Rugby Pup
"She is smart, plauful, friendly and anything you could ever hope for!" - Kiran Jheetra

"Lucky"- An Australian Goldendoodle by Lilly and Jasper
An F2 Goldendoodle by Bernie and Rugby
"Winston"- a 2017 F1 Goldendoodle by Willow and Darby
A Blue Merle, F1b Mini Goldendoodle by Farrah and Indy
An F1 Goldendoodle by Blossom and Jasper, 2016
"Molly"- A 2016 Brown Merle Mini Goldendoodle by Dutchess and Merlin
"Molly"- (a very popular name this year!) She is a 2017 Brown Merle Australian Goldendoodle by Riley and Angus
"Sherlock"- an F1 Standard Aussiedoodle by Brooke and Jasper
"Eddie"- A 2017 Mini Goldendoodle by Daisy & Butler
"Rusty"- A 2017 Mini Goldendoodle by Daisy & Butler