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Goldendoodle Pups
Due to a great amount of interest, we have decided to offer "Trained Pups" for sale.
These pups will be chosen by us from an early age based on criteria outlined by any individual or family who is committed to purchasing a trained puppy. Starting at 8 weeks of age, Puppy will commence crate and sleep training, house training and basic obedience. Puppy will get to experience regular car rides, playdates with children and will  have constant interaction with other dogs and cats. Puppy will  also continue to recieve regular wormings and vaccinations on schedule as well as being introduced to regular grooming practices.
Puppy should have a very good grasp of these basics as well as a very grounded nature by 4 months of age. At this time he/she will be released to their new families!
However, the training is only as good as the follow up by the new family! So we offer continued support for our trained puppies.
If this interests you, don't hesitate to see what upcoming litters will offer this service or ask about applying this service to another litter!